Cannabis Lounges Face a Two Year Moratorium

Las Vegas marijuana consumption lounges gave the impression to be simply a stone’s throw off from reality once the Town Council signed off on the venues in May, 2019; however, currently a bill backed by Governor Steve Sisolak (D) that may place a 2-year moratorium on licensing the establishments has passed through the Nevada Legislature.

“The governor believes that it’s higher to handle the problem of consumption lounges. There is a need to obtain the right approach than fast approach,” Sisolak interpreter Helen Kalla told reporters.

Different Cannabis Classifications

Immediately, Cannabis is considering an agenda 1 narcotic by the United States government. Even though recreational use of the substance is legal in Nevada, as well as in 10 other states which are licensed by their government. The Nevada Gaming Control Act stipulates that casino license holders must comply fully with all federal laws and must follow the legal authority’s advice in it.

That means if the US government considers marijuana an agenda 1 drug and prohibits its consumption, Vegas casinos essential too. Most of the people acquire smoke the matter in the states, but not inside these establishments. When signing off on the legal consumption lounges, the City Council rehabilitated Municipal Code Titles 16 and 9, creating business license provisions and land use rule and regulations for the social settings.

The Bill Challenges

In the month of May 2019, the general counsel of Nevada state Steve Sisolak extended associate amended bill that features a biennial (2-year) moratorium on consumption lounge licensing throughout the NV to permit a Cannabis Compliance Board to check how lounges would work. The bill challenges a Las Vegas council ordinance passed earlier in May 2019, permitting dispensaries to open lounges.

If the modified cannabis bill passes in Carson City, the state law would succeed in the power of local ordinances. That means any plans to open consumption lounges in Las Vegas would stall out until July 1, 2021, when the study spell ends. Tack another year for the licensing process to unfold of course.

Nevada’s highest brass states that the time would be used to design the government into a catchy gold level example, including how to integrate a burgeoning cannabis trade into society. However, this is upsetting for anyone trying to open one now.

That bill indicated the ground reality for a rule and regulatory frame of structure which would protect consumers. It would be definitely helpful in creating revenues for the state. While Sisolak says he supports commercial establishments in this situation, he is also noted to have said, “Tourists visiting Las Vegas are permitted to purchase marijuana, but they can only consume the drug in private residences – not casino resort hotel rooms. These are issues we need to step up and address”

The Views of Cannabis Community

For this issue, many huge billionaire cannabis companies are flipping out. The cannabis consumption lounges are considered to be one of the best things for decades. But in a hard time, they’re worried this thing may catch fire outside of their casinos.

Rob Groesbeck, of Planet 13, shares that he doesn’t have any objection to looking at how lounges operate, but he has strong objection to arbitrarily imposing a two-year moratorium without any guidelines on what they would study.

Las Vegas composed the moratorium industry in a way which leads to achieving the new exciting level of tourism. Nevada’s foremost brass thinks this 2 year moratorium will give them the time to shape the state into a gold standard illustration of how to integrate a flourishing cannabis trade into society. However, the decision is certainly controversial.

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