Grown & Sexy MJ Retreat


The Grown and Sexy MJ Retreat will be held at the newly renovated Serene Hotel in Las Vegas, NV July 30 to August 2, 2019.

The relaxing atmosphere of the resort and the night life of Vegas was a perfect match to hold this retreat. During the day, the attendees will be able to go into sessions being taught by the industry-leading experts in their field, take dispensary tours and paint and puff at local business.

At night, we have themed parties with a live DJ, networking mixer and comedy shows to keep you entertained! The MJ Retreat is for marijuana business owners and new start-up companies trying to expand their business. This retreat also was created to introduce people to the business side of the marijuana industry. In addition, exposing them to new job opportunities in the industry for people who would like to start a new career.

For new investors, this will provide them an opportunity to learn how to invest in different areas of the marijuana industry. This space was created to those who many never had an opportunity to be in the same room with investors who can fund their projects as well as connect with other investors and owners.

This allows the attendees to be able to get receive all the information in one spot!

This is also for attendees who are ‘green’ to the industry and are interested in learning more about it. This will give the first timers able to tour dispensaries.