Marijuana Taxes to Help Nevada Homeless

One of the main talking points that marijuana advocates repeat is how the legalization and subsequent taxation of marijuana will lead to a massive stream of revenue for the United States.

In 2018 alone, the legal marijuana trade accounted for around $10 billion dollars in revenue, experts hope that not only this number will continue but it will increase in 2019.

The Clark County Commission budgeted $9.7 million from cannabis licensing fees towards reducing homelessness, KNPR in Silver State reported. That $1.8 million they formally earmarked is that the initial spherical of funding drawn from marijuana licensing fees that the county is a taking the initiative.

Only in the year of 2018, $10 billion dollars accounted in revenue from the marijuana industry. The experts are believing that this ratio will lead to increase in upcoming years. In 2016, Nevada State became one in each of them but a dozen states nationwide that have legalized recreational marijuana and are starting to take advantage of its new revenue source to help keep people off the streets.

Assistant Clark County Manager Kevin Schiller said that “The investment is $3,300 to manage the individual in the place of residence, in their stable houses. Money should be more flexible to tackle the homeless issue.”

Revenues Used For Great Purpose

Official reports addressed that nearly $10 million dollars of the marijuana revenue are expected from the marijuana license holder. This amount will help to use in homeless persons. Las Vegas has around $2 million population, where reports show that around 6,000 people are homeless due to different reasons. Officials deliberately hope to fix this issue by increasing the resources for homeless people. Due to helping them they will get back on their feet.

Marijuana advocated highly recommended that the taxation of marijuana will lead to achieving a standard of collecting revenues and taxes for the homeless in Nevada. Nevada has made from the legal marijuana industry nearly $2 million of the revenues to help Southern Nevada. The organization is willing to provide shelter and basic necessities for all homeless youth.

How Las Vegas to Helping to Raise the Homeless Youth in Nevada

Clark County Commissioners approved the fees which are collected from the marijuana industry license department to invest for the homeless youth. Clark County plans a continuous growth in homelessness given a lack of housing and supportive services across the most susceptible populations.

Officials addressed that Las Vegas is planning the different programs for raising the homeless youth. By giving the opportunity to take part in seeking education. Provide help in gathering the skills which we help to get back them on their feet. Director of Clark County Social Services stated that we are expanding existing programs which we deliver timely. But there is a need to engage the public and marijuana industry to take part in the raising programs of homeless youth.

From the 6,000 homeless people, there are 1,000 people who under the age of 25. We are addressing now 2 groups. The first one is the sick people who are needy and not able to afford the fees of hospitals. The second one is the homeless persons who have not any shelter to survive and they are still deprived of the basic life needs.

The money which is being collected from the marijuana license industry is more flexible use in these problems. One key advantage of this cash going towards the program rather than federal bucks is that it comes with fewer strings connected, Michelle Fuller-Hallauer — a manager at Clark County Social Services — told KNPR.

Southern Nevada also helps by hiring 10 members in current staff to manage at least 100 new beds which would be added in a homeless youth shelter program. While the welfare work employees acknowledge this won’t fix conditions in Southern Nevada State, they are saying the funding is a huge support for homeless people.

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